Tipping your vendors is a way to say thank you for going above and beyond the service you already paid them for, so keep that in mind when you are considering tipping. Some of the vendors are in businesses where it is expected to tip them, some vendors are already paid a tip in their contract, and some are not usually tipped. A nice note or a referral to friends is sometimes better than any tip at all! You will notice most tipping is for those people who help on the day of your wedding.

Here is my guide to tipping in each of our categories…


Beauty Health & Fitness:  Hair stylists, massages expected 15%.

Bridal Attire: none

Cake: $10 per person for delivery and setting up your cake.

Catering: Check your contract for gratuity. You can either tip 15% of total bill or pay $50-$100 per chef and $20-$50 per server.

Decorations & Rentals: Delivery $10 per person

Flowers: none except for delivery. $10 per person.

Gifts & Favors: none

Invitations: none

Jewelry: none

Menswear: none

Music & Entertainment: DJ- 10-15% tip. A band is usually $15 – $25 per musician.

Newlywed Services: none

Officiant: Some won’t accept tips, so think about making a donation to their institution. If you are paying to use their space, then the tip will not need to be as high. Consider a $100 donation if there is no charge.

Photo Booths:$20 pp

Photography:$50-$100 per person

Reception/ Ceremony Venue: Staff $20- $50 each.

Registry: None

Technology: 105 – 15% if not in the contract.

Transportation: 15% if not in the contract.

Travel: Keep $1 and $5 bills on you for tipping on travel.  Airport Porter $1 per bag, Doorman $1 for getting a taxi, $1-$2 per bag if assisting you. Taxi driver 15%. Bus Driver: Valet $1-$2, Shuttle $2 pp, Concierge $5. Maid $2 day. Tour guide $1-$2pp or 10% cost of tour. Private guide $3-$8 per day. Restaurant 15% if not on bill.

Videography: $50-$100 per person

Wedding Planners: Not expected. Nice gift appreciated such as a photo or memoir.