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“Wedding themes are more than just a tidy label for your wedding. A wedding theme can show off your personal style as a couple and bring cohesion to the different elements of your wedding. Themes keep you organized and focused, giving your wedding a polished look.  Here are a few ways to incorporate a theme without overdoing it.

First, consider the depth of your theme. Would you like to merely allude to a theme and create a certain mood or feeling, or do you intend to mimic a direct time, place, or idea? For instance, the vintage theme is certainly a popular theme choice. You can either incorporate a few older pieces such as picture frames or old books and use light ivories to nod to vintage eras in general, or you can use fedoras, flapper-style bridesmaid dresses, and a vintage Model-T to convey a distinctly 20s look.”

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“Another step in your wedding theme process is blending. The best places for themed decor are the centerpieces and other visually interesting areas. A vintage theme could use paint-chipped birdcages filled with bright bouquets. A fall theme could incorporate groups of apples or pumpkins nestled together in brown wicker baskets.”

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“It’s often said that the more a writer adds in unique details, the more authentic and believable the story becomes. So it is with your wedding story: the true beauty lies in subtlety and detail. Instead of inundating your Americana wedding with American insignia, make some softer details more captivating in their uniqueness. Choose the old style Coke glass bottles as a central display, and add the bottle caps to the centerpieces. Find old paint-chipped doors to usher your guests into a backyard entrance of your vintage wedding. Fill a glass with lemon drops complete with straw and drink umbrella for a summer-centered wedding. You can also focus your theme on shapes or items: a cherry blossom branch silhouetted against the sky, the shape of a honeycomb, the brush strokes of your favorite painting. A wedding theme doesn’t need to fall in a certain category to strike your guests as amazing. Seek out something unique to transport your guests into your wedding world.”

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“Finally, build something meaningful into your theme. Choose a mood, feeling, or beauty that resonates with your personality as a couple, touches your heart, or just brings you joy. The more passion your pour into your theme, the better your results. Whether you wisk away to a distant land, or travel back to another time, or build a new world from scratch, create something timeless and beautiful that you, and your lovely guests, won’t soon forget.”

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