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Wedding planning is fun, but can be a bit overwhelming if you try to do it with only a couple of people involved. This is a list of traditional wedding party duties, but remember you and the bride/groom can do it anyway you want. Be sure to explain the roles to the people you have chosen before they accept the responsibility and emphasize that it is an important role. Everyone is needed to pull off this amazing wedding. If you are clear what is expected, it should minimize the emotions.

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The bride’s parents are traditionally the ones who pay for most of the wedding. Though now there are no set rules and the bride and groom can change it any way that will work best. The mother of the bride most often decides what she will wear to the wedding and then lets the mother of the groom know so they compliment each other. Normally the father and/or mother of the bride make a speech at the Rehearsal Dinner. The father of the bride may walk the bride down the aisle, but this can be changed too- sometimes the mom and dad walk with her, or she may walk by herself. Traditionally the parents of the bride host the reception and are the last to leave, making sure everything is taken care of and the vendors have been paid.

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It is wise to talk to the bride’s parents and decided how many people the groom’s family will be inviting to the wedding ceremony and reception. That list is then given to the bride. The number of people invited to the Rehearsal Dinner also needs to be discussed, since the groom’s parents generally host this. They may also contribute to other expenses of the wedding. The mother of the groom usually dances with the groom at the wedding reception.

To see the traditional list of who pays for what CLICK HERE.

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The Maid of Honor is the girl closest to the bride. It can be a sister or a best friend– whoever the bride chooses.  She has the responsibility of helping the bride with all of her decisions. She coordinates the bridesmaids activities such as dress fittings, bridal showers and the bachelorette party.

The Maid of Honor traditionally makes a toast to the bride and groom at the Rehearsal Dinner.

On the wedding day the Maid of Honor helps the bride get ready, accompanies the bride to the ceremony. When the Ring Bearer walks down the aisle with the wedding rings, the Maid of Honor takes it off and hands it to the bride at the appropriate time.   She also signs the marriage license as a witness. She makes sure the brides dress, veil and train look amazing for pictures, the ceremony and reception.

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A bride can have as many bridesmaids as she wants, but traditionally 12 is the limit. The girls can be married or single. The duties of the bridesmaids are to help the Maid of Honor with the parties and other wedding planning that the bride needs help with. They can help address the invitations. The bridesmaids pay for their own dresses and travel/lodging expenses. The bridesmaids walk down the aisle with the groomsmen.

If the bridesmaid is below the age of 16, she usually has less responsibility and is sometimes considered a junior bridesmaid. Sometimes they are dressed in a different version of the bridesmaid dresses. She is normally not invited to the bachelorette party, but does attend the bridal showers.

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The Best Man is normally the groom’s best friend or brother. He can be married or single and helps organize the bachelor party. The Best Man supports the groom in whatever he needs to do, such as picking up the menswear and confirming the honeymoon. He usually gives a toast to the bride and groom at the Rehearsal Dinner.

The day of the wedding he walks down the aisle with the Maid of Honor and is in charge of taking the bride’s wedding ring off of the pillow the Ring Bearer has, and holds it until the groom needs it. The Best Man signs the marriage license as a witness. During the reception he can toast the bride and groom if appropriate. He makes sure the getaway car is ready  and returns all menswear rentals the day after the wedding.


The groomsmen help the Best Man plan and pay for the bachelor party. They can help the groom with anything that he needs to do. The groomsmen traditionally wear the same or similar suits or other menswear. The groomsmen help seat people at the ceremony and walk down the aisle with a bridesmaid. Groomsmen pay for their own attire and travel/lodging. The groomsmen are usually the ones to decorate the getaway car, sometimes with help from the bridesmaids.


The flower girls are usually under the age of 8. She walks down the aisle before the bride, usually sprinkling the walkway with flowers. She is included in the wedding rehearsal so she knows what her duties are. Her parents pay for her dress and are invited to the Rehearsal Dinner.


The Ring Bearer is a boy that carries the ring down the aisle. He walks down the aisle just before the flower girls. The Maid of Honor and the Best Man take the rings off the pillow and give them to the bride and groom. The Ring Bearer, or his parents, are in charge of paying for his suit or wedding clothes and travel expenses. The Ring Bearer attends the Wedding Rehearsal to practice his part. He and his parents are normally invited to the Rehearsal Dinner.

GOOD LUCK! With help from so many people, this wedding will be amazing. Remind those in the wedding party of their duties one more time before the big day so everything goes as planned.