What are the wedding dress trends?

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     – Lots of lace, in intricate styles, on the dress itself, or as a cover for the back, especially for long sleeves, in a romantic, more covered-up look

     – Mermaid skirts, with ruffled bottoms

     – Lace or sparkling detail on shorter sleeves

     – Jean Harlow-inspired silky dresses

     – Color, such as pink dresses or daring reds, plums and other shades

     – Portrait backs, either completely open for a daring, sexy look or lace-covered, lace or fabric cowls revealing the back, or simple elongated keyhole cutouts

     – Peplums, defining the waist with a unique and artsy structure-

     – Lace ‘dangles’ fluttering from the shoulders 

What are the Wedding Accessories trends? 

     – Oversized flowers
– Vintage sparkling hair pins
– Modern headbands
– Simpler earring and necklace sets, with bangles as the new It accessory 

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-Top Wedding Trends  data from The Wedding Report, Inc.