wedding dress stain

Brides–You don’t want to have to hide your dress on your wedding day, so baking soda and talcum powder just became your new BFF!

So, many times we hear sob stories about how the bride had the unfortunate spill of red wine or a touch of lip stick, etc. on their white wedding dress.  Well, here are some simple tips to help remove those menacing stains:

Red Wine

Just dab the spill with a clean dry white cloth, then dab it again with a damp white cloth (at least two to three times). DON’T RUB- it may make matters worse. After, just sprinkle on a bit of baking soda or talcum powder. This should minimize the stain appearance.

Oils and Make Up

Simply sprinkle on baking soda or talcum powder enough to cover the stain and wait for about 8 to 10 minutes. Then, shake off the excess powder. The use of water here is a NO NO!

Why not use stain removing agents?

Granted some over the counter stain removing agents can assist with minimizing or removing the stain appearance, but some can discolor the fabric. It’s recommended to sample the agent on a small piece of garment (maybe the inward hem) before applying to the actual stain.

Note:  The tips above are for the last minute stains that happen suddenly and you have no time to take it to the professional cleaners. But, if you have the time please seek professional help with the cleaning of your wedding dress. Make special mention to the cleaners of specific beadings, trims and so forth, so that they may use the appropriate cleaning solutions and methods.


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