Let’s get started. One thing most brides need for their wedding is a DRESS– whether it’s one of your highest priorities or not. Before you go shopping, I have a few things to show you- so you know some of your options. I will help you find what will fit your body mixed with your own personal style…

We all have different body shapes. What shape is your body? Look at the 5 pictures below to see what shape you are.


Round: Full bust and full hips with no waist definition.

Rectangle: Same size breast, waist and hips.

Triangle: Narrow shoulders and broad hips.

Hourglass: Full bust and full hips with narrow waist.

Inverted Triangle: Broad shoulders and small hips.

number 2

Now look at the different wedding dress STYLES…

There are 5 common wedding dress styles. Of course there are many more, but choosing your basic style will help guide you when shopping.


A-Line: Hugs torso with flared skirt

Ballgown: Hugs torso with full skirt

Empire: High waisted dress that extends from bust line

Mermaid: Form fitting that flares at the knees

Sheath: Form fitting entire body

Now we are going to combine STEP 1 and STEP 2 to find the best wedding dress style for your amazing body shape…

There are still a few decisions left when creating the perfect wedding dress. NEXT… Decide on the length of the wedding dress train…

number 5

The last and final piece of creating YOUR perfect wedding dress is…

Decide on what necklines you like. There are a ton of choices on this, but if you can narrow down to a few you LOVE, it will really help on your quest to find the perfect wedding dress. 

wedding dress neckline

GOOD LUCK! Now all you need are some wedding dress shops to find the dress. CLICK HERE to find stores near you!

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