emin kuliyev


Your wedding day! Finally the day you have dreamt about and planned for. You will feel excited, happy, and in love. It will probably be a day full of emotions, so be prepared to see a wide range or them. You may even have some feelings you don’t expect, but many of these emotions are completely normal. Some of them could be…

number 1

Tired, no exhausted! Many brides have a hard time sleeping the night before the wedding— it’s like Christmas when you were little- so exciting! Plan for this by trying to get to bed early. Try to relax by deep breathing. Write down everything you have to remember the day or two before so you are not stressed about little things while trying to fall asleep.

number 2

High Emotions. You have planned for this day for a long time and you want it to be all that you have planned for. That is stressful and makes you sensitive. Be aware that your emotions could be all over the place and just knowing that, helps! Have a few words in your head you can say to yourself when you feel the triggers of emotions. “smile, be present, breathe.”

number 3

Dreamy: Finally the day is here and it feels surreal. All of those decisions you made the past few months are coming together today. Some of the day flies by and some of it feels like it is in slow motion. Many feel in awe. Enjoy it, be in the moment and love every second of your dream day.

number 4

Worried. Will everything go as I planned? Probably not, but it’s going to be amazing. Way too many things will run through your head, but remember you have done your best to plan for this big day, so enjoy what happens and don’t stress about the little things.

number 5

Not enough time: The day is so wonderful and many people come to give you their well wishes. Some brides feel spread too thin and don’t have enough time to talk to everyone and give them enough attention. Please remember you will see these people again, so enjoy the day and try to be present. You may feel like you are rushing from one thing to another so stop every once in a while and enjoy the moment. Smell those roses!

Sick: You are excited and nervous and sometimes that makes a person feel nauseated.  Calm yourself by breathing slowly. Ginger helps calm nerves. Lavender makes you feel less stressed. Remember to eat so your body has energy and your stomach is not empty.

Unorganized. People worry that they may be forgetting something. Just make sure you look over your lists the day before and know it will be just fine as long as you, the groom, and the person who is marrying you shows up! Oh, and bring your marriage certificate. By the way- I have heard of some people even forgetting that and it works out.

Different: Don’t do anything very different in the form of eating, exercising, sleeping the day before or the day of your wedding. Your body is already on high alert, so don’t give it anything it is not used to.

Scared. You may be thinking, “Wow this is a big deal. Am I really going to commit to this for my entire life?” It is normal to have wedding day jitters and be scared.

Reality Sets In: Whether you are feeling stressed, joyful or something in between, when you see your fiancé ready for the ceremony, all worries will disappear. This is what this day is all about.

READY SET GO! Take a deep breath and enjoy your wedding day. Congratulations!