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Social Media…The New Wedding Crasher
It’s important to decide a social media agenda for the wedding.  Now that virtually everyone can take a picture and upload it to the social sites, a bride and groom need to consider if they are comfortable with a good friend, or even someone they don’t know very well, upload pictures for the entire world to see.  Friends and guests should think about what is proper etiquette.  If the bride and groom have any concerns they should set the ground rules before the wedding.
Social media etiquette before the wedding
Suggestion to the newly engaged.  Once he proposes, meet with or call family before posting the big news online.  No mother wants to learn of her daughter’s engagement while she is checking out Facebook news feeds.
He just proposed.  She said yes.  They tell their parents the big news.  But before the couple announce it to other family and friends the soon to be mother-in-law posts it to Facebook.  The couple should be the one announcing it first.  Allow the couple a little time to post it themselves personally.
A bride goes to her dress fitting with a couple of her girlfriends.  One of the friends takes a picture and posts it online.  If the bride is planning for her fiance to see the dress for the first time on the wedding day, he may see it for the first time online with the rest of the world.
If you decide to post a picture of your ring, don’t announce what it cost or how many carats it is.


With tablets and smart phones we are in an age that if someone is taking a picture, it is likely to end up on social media.

If a bride and groom give a thumbs up to social media there are a few things that can help:

1) Assigning a dedicated hashtag.  This will create a collection of photos and tweets from the event that can even be shared with people who are not “friends” on Instagram or Twitter.  A hashtag is a keyword or phrase preceded by a pound sign that aggregates similarly tagged posts on social media services.

2) For the benefit of all the guests, and your professional photographer and videographer consider asking the guests not to be snapping pictures during the ceremony.  This can become annoying to the other guests and get in the way of your professional photographer and videographer.

3) Unless otherwise invited, you are asked to be at the wedding to celebrate this big occasion and not there to practice your photography skills.

4) New trend alert 1! On the day of the wedding, designate a tweet of honor to update friends on social media on the big day.

5) New trend alert 2! Because of the advancements in technology you can now live stream your wedding ceremony to family and friends who can’t be there.  This can be done in a few different ways but the best way is to hire a company who has the equipment and cameras to help make those not present feel part of the event.
The technology can be a wonderful way to capture additional, yet unprofessional pictures and video.  Just be aware of the pros and cons and make a decision what you want when it comes to everyone taking pictures and video.
Remember if there is alcohol served at the wedding people sometimes act or do things that may be out of character. In fact they often do that even without alcohol!  One bride shared that while she was enjoying her first dance with her new husband, she had a “wardrobe malfunction.”  She quickly fixed the problem and believed no-one really noticed.  She and her husband went away on their honeymoon.  When they returned they were devastated to see that someone snapped a picture of the wardrobe problem and posted it.  When confronting the friend who snapped the picture, he apologized and blamed it on the alcohol affecting his judgement.  Unfortunately of all the beautiful pictures from the wedding, that one image was shared across the world and had thousands of views.
Remember to talk about social media with your fiance- it is the new wedding crasher!
Robin Saville
founder BrideAccess