There is a wedding tradition to save wedding flowers and the brides bouquet. It can be one of the best keepsakes of your wedding.

If you are planning on preserving your wedding flowers, think about it before your wedding day. Look at all of your options and what you want to do with each of your flowers. You may need some supplies or know where to take the flowers.

If keeping your bridal bouquet, remember that you don’t want to damage it on your wedding day. If you are planning on doing a bouquet toss, consider using a different bouquet. (I used a bouquet of 24 red roses that were not tied together, then surprise! they all flew, so 24 people got a rose.)

If you are leaving straight from the reception to your honeymoon, you need to find someone who will preserve the flowers for you.

There are a few different ways to do this. You can do so many fun things with your flowers, so follow these directions to make sure it turns out the way you like…


number 1


  1. Tie a string to the bottom of the flowers or bouquet or use an elastic band to secure.
  2. Hang upside down to dry for at least 2 weeks out of direct sunlight.
  3. The colors will change.
    • You can leave them as a hanging bouquet.
    • Keep as a keepsake~  like in a shadow or glass box or glass cake or cookie display.
    • Take them apart and use the petals separately. You can use them on your first anniversary to place on your bed or around the bathtub. You can keep the petals in a glass dish or container. You can put them in glass ornaments.


number 2


  1. Buy Silica Gel. It looks like sand.
  2. Pour a layer of sand in the bottom of a medium to large size air tight plastic box or paint bucket. (One that closes all the way around)
  3. Cut the stems off the flowers if you want to preserve them separately. (If you want to preserve the entire bouquet as is, make sure you have a large enough box for it. Hold upright over the box and gently fill each and every flower with silica gel. Place it in gel and slowly fill in the gel all around it and over the top.)
  4. Fill the flowers gently with the silica gel.
  5. Place the flower on the sand that is already in the box.
  6. Fill an entire layer of the box with flowers.
  7. Cover that layer of flowers with silica gel.
  8. Add more flowers and greenery.
  9. Repeat until all flowers are in box.
  10. Cover with the rest of the silica gel.
  11. Close lid tightly and wait at least 2 weeks.
  12. The flowers will come out the color you put them in as and will be a little malleable, not crunchy.
  13. You can make anything you want now with these flowers.

TIP* If you are drying your entire bouquet, you can try using cat litter as a cheaper solution for the bottom of the bouquet and silica sand inside and around all the flowers.


number 3


You can microwave your flowers for quick drying in minutes instead of days. You can use cat litter or silica sand.

  1. Completely cover the flowers in sand in a microwavable bowl.
  2. Microwave on high for 2-3 minutes.
  3. When sand is cooled, remove the flowers.

What a quick way to save wedding flowers!


number 4


You can leave your flowers in a vase and let the water evaporate and the flowers will dry just as you have them. If the flowers are large they may droop so add wire or hang them to dry, then add them back to the vase with the other flowers when dry. You can also take them out of the vase when dry, add a ribbon and hang them.


number 5


Press your flowers to have 2D memories for bookmarks, pictures or art. Consider laminating them for preserved memories- you can laminate them with your wedding invitation or other wedding paper product you used. Sweet memories for your quests if you add one of your dried flowers in a thank you note.

  1. Line a page in a heavy gook with wax paper or parchment paper.
  2. Arrange the flowers on the paper and make suer they are not touching another flower.
  3. Close the book and leave untouched for 1-2 weeks.
  4. When they are complete, they will feel like paper. They will be breakable so be sure to take care.



A few companies can freeze dry your flowers for you. It is hard to do yourself unless you have a drying machine. Call companies to get quotes and check reviews.



Top Photo is by Tyler Rye