Maggie Sottero, Casablanca, Amsale, Aire Barcelona, Jasmine, etc., are popular wedding dresses. So lets check out what these famous wedding dress makers are designing…

Would you wear the pink one?  That is becoming a popular trend with all different shades of very light pink.

As you can see there are also many different shades of white. What shade of white should you wear?

Dark skin tone- stark white

Olive skin tone- diamond white

Yellow skin tone- creamy ivory

Pale skin tone- ivory



3080 Judd Waddell


4025 Judd Waddell wedding dress

4025 Judd Waddell


4034-Judd-Waddell wedding dress

4034 Judd Waddell


4036-Judd-Waddel wedding dress

4036 Judd Waddel


4025 Judd Waddell wedding dress

4025 Judd Waddell


7126-Simone-Caravalli wedding dress



7144-SImone-Carvalli wedding dress

7144 SImone Carvalli


Adorae-Maggie-Sottero wedding dress

Adorae Maggie Sottero


Brigitte wedding dress

Brigitte Maggie Sottero


Carabella wedding dress

Carabella Maggie Sottero


Chantilly Maggie Sottero wedding dress

Chantilly Maggie Sottero


Chaunte Maggie Sottero wedding dress

Chaunte Maggie Sottero


Chrystelle Maggie Sottero wedding dress

Chrystelle Maggie Sottero


Cimarron Maggie Sottero wedding dress

Cimarron Maggie Sottero


Corazon Maggie Sottero wedding dress

Corazon Maggie Sottero


 Dion Maggie Sottero wedding dress

Dion Maggie Sottero


Sloan Maggie Sottero wedding dress

Sloan Maggie Sottero


Rebecca Louise Maggie Sottero

Rebecca Louise Maggie Sottero


Rebecca Maggie Sottero

Rebecca Maggie Sottero


Suzette Maggie Soterro

Suzette Maggie Soterro


Torricelli Maggie Soterro

Torricelli Maggie Soterro





Tyler Amsale wedding dress

Tyler Amsale


Valentine Casablanca wedding dress

Valentine Casablanca


Zaneta Casablanca wedding dress

Zaneta Casablanca


Zeta Aire Barcelona wedding dress

Zeta Aire Barcelona

Thank you Gateway Bridal for all of these beautiful wedding dresses.

I am wondering one thing though- will you smile for your bridals? I think that’s what makes the pictures look so beautiful. Notice the picture just above this – doesn’t she look gorgeous and happy? Then look at all the other ones- they don’t look as happy to me. What do you think about smiling in your photos?