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Wow, your daughter or son is getting married? This is going to be the day of your dreams. Oh wait, the day of the bride’s dreams? Well- what is it? Planning the wedding can be very stressful and what will help the most is communication and compromise. Remember that differing opinions isn’t always the problem, but the way everyone expresses those opinions. Everyone should talk about respecting each other from the very beginning.

A good thing to think about before talking to the bride and groom is what are your expectations on how this whole wedding will go?

How much do you want to be involved in the planning process?

What are your top priorities? ( Choose 3-5 that are very important to you. You can see the priority list of ideas in the helping section.

How much are you willing to help pay for the wedding?

Is there something you want to see happen at the ceremony, wedding dinner or reception?

Usually the parents and the bride/groom picture the wedding a little differently. Ask to see pictures- believe me, the bride will have some of what she wants everything to look like.

Try to be open and understand your daughter/son’s point of view.

This experience can be a positive one with love and understanding. Be very clear on what your expectations are and remember to choose your battles wisely.