Parents emotions on wedding day…

Anatoliy Bityukov wedding photographer

In our culture, when a bride gets married is one of the most emotional times for her and her parents. It pulls on the heart strings! When she walks down the aisle, it symbolizes her leaving her parents arms and going with her husband. It is the most momentous rites of passage in a girl’s life. The parents need to figure out how to disengage. The families are now changed forever- the bride and groom will no longer live with their parents or be just one at family events, but two. The new husband and wife get to start their own families, taking different traditions from each family and combining them into one. The couple is embarking on a new adventure.

The entire journey of planning a wedding is a full of emotions, but the wedding day is at the peak of it all. This is the day that everything comes together. It is surreal for the parents, having flashbacks when the bride or groom was little and questioning how they grew up so fast. Time is an interesting thing and it usually hits us on the wedding day that your baby is all grown up. The wedding day is filled with raw emotion and is usually a day where you can see the great love of families. This is a fantastic time to let those around you know how much they mean to you.

This is a fun, exciting day where emotions are heightened. The bride and groom have made all of their decisions and now is the time to be supportive, not judgmental.  Please remember to be present, enjoy everything you put into making this an amazing day. The day goes by so fast, so stop and smell the roses. Celebrate the wedding as a day of hope, happiness and the adventure of a lifetime that we know it is.


photo cred: Anatoliy Bityukov