I need to choose a wedding dress!

I am here to help! In just 5 easy steps, you can find a perfect wedding dress for you and your body shape! Then you can go shopping with better direction on what to look for.

First we need to figure out (haha) what your body shape is… look at this pic to help you decide.



Round:  Full bust and full hips with no waist definition.

Rectangle: Same size breast, waist and hips.

Triangle: Narrow shoulders and broad hips.

Hourglass: Full bust and full hips with narrow waist.

Inverted Triangle: Broad shoulders and small hips.


Next look at the different wedding dress styles. What do you like?


Now we are going to mix body shape and wedding dress style to find the perfect dress for you:



Now look at different necklines. There are a ton of them, but this will give you a good start.:

wedding dress neckline


Finally decide on the length of your wedding dress train:

Length of wedding dress train

A few other hints:

What white should I choose? That sounds funny, but there is a wide variety of whites and creams when looking for a wedding dress. Some brides are even choosing pastels, gold or silver wedding dresses.

Look at your skin tone to decide. Choose one of these shades will make you look healthy and beautiful.

Dark skin tone: Stark or bright white

Olive skin tone: Champagne, diamond , silk, rum or cool whites (pink undertone).

Medium skin tone: Off white or creamy ivory

Light/pale skin tone: Ivory or warm shade of white with yellow undertones. Stay away from stark or bright white.


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Now you are all set to go shopping! CLICK HERE for wedding dress stores near you.