Miniature steps down the aisle: Prepare your daughter for flower girl role

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It’s understandable that little kids don’t quit get the sense of duty and responsibility, and one can’t blame them for that. So, in order for your little princess to perform perfectly and shine in her role of flower girl, you should prepare her and guide her through her first big duty. Preparations for the big day may be fun and a great quality time with your girl, and at the same time, when the day comes, you’ll be sure that she’ll shine in the spotlight, and remember that day with joyfulness, as you will with pride.

The chosen one

When your daughter finds out she’ll be the special someone on a wedding day, the excitement will be almost unbearable. After the flood of emotions dwindles, make sure to talk her trough, about how important is her role at the ceremony, what it is she supposed to do, how will the preparation flow, etc. Do it in a way that she can understand the significance of her part, but at the same time explaining to her that you’ll share the weight with her, and make it a fun and memorable experience.

Playing dress-up

The most important pre-wedding preparation is to choose a dress for your miniature bride. Make sure that she is involved in searching for the perfect dress. It is important for she to be happy and cheerful on the ceremony, and for that, as every lady, even the smallest one, she’ll have to feel good in what she’s wearing. Make the quest for the perfect dress a fun and playful experience. Search together for accessories also, let her make decisions about some stuff like flower girl flower baskets, she’ll feel important and happy.  As for shoes, choose the most comfortable one, after all, she’ll spend some time on her feet.

Step by step

It’s crucial to practice, one step at the time, her tasks at the ceremony: the walk, the smile, the petal drop. The more you rehearse with her, she’ll feel more relaxed when the day comes. Don’t make practicing boring and difficult. If she feels obligated or annoyed by the fact she has to do it, she’ll be one grumpy flower girl. And you wouldn’t want that, wouldn’t you? Make it a fun game, during the rehearsals, and on the wedding day also.


The big day is here, and your first duty is to calm those butterflies in your little princess’s stomach. It’s probably her first big day in spotlight, so it’s normal for her to be a little nervous, but just remind her that she should do everything as practice, and that it’s just a game. Make sure the dress and all the details are ready for a cuteness overload. Before stepping down the aisle, remind her on the steps and petal throwing. Walking down the aisle is most stressful part for your doppelganger miniature bride, so try to sit somewhere where she can see you in case she needs an encouragement. As it is common a flower girl to be at the center of attention, she’ll probably have to pose for a lot of photos that day. Explain to her that she should smile and be happy, and assure her that she’ll get some gorgeous photos later.

by guest writer Melissa Stevens ~ Regular Contributor HighStyleLife
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