Honeymoon Planner 

Planning a vacation is usually a big deal and takes a lot of planning, so to add it on to a wedding is almost crazy! That’s why you have to be super organized. This list will help you with that.

__ Wallet (credit cards, travelers checks, money- including small bills for tips)

__ ID (passport, drivers license, marriage certificate)

__ Important documents- hotel info, rental car info, reservations

__ Travel itinerary, maps

__ Airline tickets

__ Phone & charger

__ Luggage, carry on baggage

__ Med kit (bandages, sunblock, antacid, eye drops, birth control if needed, vitamins, pain med, emergency contact info)

__ Prescriptions

__ Health insurance & doctor’s info

__ Beauty kit (perfume, deodorant, lotion, gel, hair spray, manicure kit, mouthwash, nail polish/remover, shaving items, toothbrush/paste, make-up & remover, lubricant, shampoo,  conditioner, brush/comb)

__ Curling iron/straightener/hair dryer

__ Bathing suit, towel, beach bag, cover-up

__ Baggies

__ Batteries

__ Camera and accessories (batteries, charger, photo card)

__ Sunglasses, glasses, contacts

__ Books, magazines, reading material

__ Music and charger, computer

__ Clothing (shorts, pants, tops, belts, socks, underwear, bra, pj’s, slippers, robe)

__ Formal wear (dress pants, dress, accessories, slip, socks, pantyhose, dress shoes)

__ Athletic wear (shorts, sweats, tops, jacket, athletic shoes, socks)

__ Jewelry

__ Jacket/ sweatshirt/ sweater

__ Shoes, sandals, flip flops, water shoes

__ Hat, umbrella

__ Travel iron

__ Outlet connector/ converter

__ Foreign language dictionary, converter, travel guides

__ Snacks

For a list of permitted/prohibited items on airplanes see the Transportation Security Admin.

Tip- pack important info, toiletries & one outfit in carry on -in case of lost baggage