Wedding favors are a great way for you to show your guests a little love and appreciation for their support on your big day. Although they’re supposed to be fun and exciting, they can also be incredibly stressful to figure out.
After you’ve organized the dress, food, flowers, reception and everything else, the last thing you want to still have to do is decide what wedding favors to give your guests. Luckily, there are some great ideas that can make the job much easier.

Extraordinary wedding favor ideas…
Use Your Theme as Inspiration

Thinking about your wedding theme can be a good starting point for choosing appropriate wedding favors. For instance, if your theme is 1920s glamour, you could give everyone small jars containing fabric flowers or pearls that match your dress. If your theme is black-and-white, you could choose black tea lights.

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Make it Edible

Choosing edible wedding favors can be a tasty treat, but they can still have some sentimental value. One idea is to have small containers of wedding cake that guests can take with them. Another idea is to give guests a box of macaroons in the color scheme of your wedding. These are delicious favor ideas that are also bright and playful!
Tie it to the Season

Since your wedding is happening in fall, use the season as inspiration for your gift-giving. Fall is about delicious, comforting food and striking colors in nature. Think in terms of a warm feast or the outdoors. Gifts could include something comforting like candles or spice-scented soaps. You could also go the rustic route, such as by choosing pinecones bearing tags of sentiment, lavender sachets, or even candy apples.


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Practical and Pretty  

Just because you seek to implore inexpensive wedding favors doesn’t mean they can’t be incredibly special. If you’re stuck on what to choose, focus on practical gifts that your guests can use and then personalize them so that they’re also sentimental. Think of personalizing tea bags, coasters or magnets. A great idea is to monogram items, such as playing cards or mason jars.

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Make it About Them

Sometimes it can help to shift the focus onto your guests, rather than what you would want to give them. This doesn’t mean you have to cater to their individual wants or tastes. Rather, give them an actual memory from your wedding day that they can enjoy forever.


An idea could be to take photographs with a disposable camera of all your individual or coupled guests throughout the night and then these can be offered to them by the end of the evening. It might surprise, and definitely delight, them!
Something Given, Something Grown

One of the current wedding trends is eco-friendliness. Couples are becoming more aware of how their big day doesn’t have to impact the planet and they are choosing eco-friendly elements for their wedding to fit in with this idea. One of the easiest ways to pay homage to this is to make your wedding favors greener.
This could include organic tea or honey your guests will love in the chilly fall, or giving them little plants that they can nourish and watch grow, such as mini potted succulents. They’re really easy to look after and will continue to give your guests joy long after your big day.

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Wedding favors really don’t have to cost a lot of money. Your focus should be on giving your guests a fun, sweet thought that they will be able to enjoy without you having to break the bank for it.


Gwen E. Lewis is a beauty journalist who has been writing in the industry for years and has been published on several publication both in print and web format. She hopes you enjoy this article and wishes you nothing but happiness on the big day!