Don’t make my same mistake on your wedding day!

There are always things we learn as we go through the process of planning a wedding. Don’t you think it would be nice if what we learn we could pass on to others to make their wedding day better?  I do!  Some things are not a big deal, but maybe it would be nice to have changed things around. Some things are a big deal- like mine. I had one major oversight that has become my wedding REGRET- big time!

MY REGRET- I didn’t hire a videographer! Matt and I went to dance lessons for 6 weeks before our wedding and learned a super cute dance that Andrea Hale, who competed on Dancing with the Stars, (Quickstep Dance) choreographed for us. It was a Cha-Cha dance made to the song “FOREVER” by Chris Brown. The last two weeks we had our children come to dance lessons with us and learn part of the dance. So we had a family dance that was so DANG CUTE and all we have is a home-made video of it (I think… I hope somewhere…)

Here is what I have of it now, just pictures. Still cute but doesn’t do it justice!






At least I hired a wonderful photographer, D’Andrew Photography, that captured the moment.  I will forever be sad we don’t have that special memory preserved on film by a professional videographer. The rest of the day would have been great to have on video as well- cutting the cake, our first dance, family, etc. Well the whole day would have been fun to have on video!

I hope you plan your wedding so you don’t have any regrets! (Oh, PS- that means hire a professional videographer 🙂

D’Andrew Photography 

Quickstep Dance