While bridal showers of the past often followed the same traditional style and format, today’s generation of brides prefer imaginative alternatives to the parties that shower them with newlywed necessities. And one of the more popular trends in showers also includes the groom. A couples Wedding Shower!

A Couple’s Shower extends invites to the couple’s favorite friends and their plus-ones for an amped up version of the once staid and conservative bridal shower. Typically, the couple’s wedding party hosts and plans the event, which is, really, whatever they dream up.

There are no hard and fast rules on what defines the ideal Couple’s Shower. Some couples want a casual party that features lots of food and crazy games, and other couples prefer a more quiet dinner party atmosphere. While gifts often are a staple, some couples opt not to host the traditional ceremonial gift opening. Of course, some couples showers might be themed for fun, and the gifts turn into the best part of the party!

Bridesmaids and groomsmen who want to throw their favorite engaged duo a blowout couple’s shower should keep in mind these guidelines and tips:

1.       Create the guest list.

Should the event be ‘couples only’ or should the party include all friends? Many couples prefer to include all friends and allow them to bring a date. Also decide if the couple’s parents should receive an invite.

2.       Drink responsibly & have an Uber on speed dial.

If the party is going to include an open bar, make sure that guests who are too intoxicated to drive have a designated driver…or plan ahead for Ubers for all guests. Some hosts even offer busses or shuttles home for party guests. However, these options are big budget items. Just make sure—as the hosts—that all guests find a safe ride home. Or prep for an overnight party!

3.       Play games!

This is a party for the engaged couple, so make sure to provide entertainment and try to keep the event organized. Games are fine and fun, but nothing too outrageous or inappropriate…especially if parents are invited! Keep it fun and keep it light. The Knot recommends games that put boys on one team and girls on the other “to keep physical contact among possible strangers at a comfy minimum.”

4.       Host a photobooth.

Set up a photo booth filled with fun props for guests. Many booths can be rented, or just designate a party photog to snap shots. Be sure to provide guests with emailed links to photos…or printouts as a party favor.

5.       What is something fun the couple likes to do? 

Plan the party themed around something the couple loves to do and their personalities. Entertaining things like golf, dancing or enjoying the weather in the season.

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blog submitted by Gwen Lewis