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Choosing your wedding date is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding.

There is a lot that goes into planning this once in a lifetime decision. So where do you start? Consider these 5 things before telling the world the date you have chosen and everyone starts making travel plans…

number 1


You may have a special date that means something to you as a couple- the anniversary of the date you met, your first date or first kiss. Or a number like 12-12-12.

number 2


You may have a vision of where you will be walking down the aisle or have your reception. Is it in an outdoor setting or indoor? If outdoor is your deal, remember that weather is unpredictable. Think about you and your guests comfort level and decide if you want to worry about weather that is unseasonably warm or cold. If it is going to be hot or cold, consider all of the fun things you can do to make your guests comfortable like heaters, fans, water, etc and make that a part of the celebration.

number 3


Consider twice before getting married on a major holiday. Like New Years Eve- it may sound romantic, but it is more expensive and guests may be away. Also your anniversary will be on that date every year. Your honeymoon and then anniversary trips may cost more every year. You may not want to leave family for years to come on a special holiday for your anniversary. But then again, you might!

number 4


Does your vision include a certain season? If you want spring pictures or snow, think through what month will be the best to get the look and feel you want.  Also consider sporting events, birthdays and local events in those seasons.

number 5



~ Most guests are available to come to the wedding- doesn’t interfere with work or school.

~ Travel to/from the wedding is easier over a weekend.

~ Guests can stay later in the evening because they don’t have work the next morning.

~ Guests can drink and don’t have to worry about work in the morning.

~ Guest count could be higher than a weekday wedding.


~ Costs less for the ceremony and reception center.  Sometimes it is half off!

~ Vendors are more available and could cost less.

~ Not as many conflicts of time for the guests on a weekday evening.

Remember you can’t please everyone! Ask the important guests if they can make it on your preferred day.

Consider how many out of town guests would like to come. How many days off work can they take?

Get the word out soon if you decide on a weekday so more people can get off work if needed.

Check prices for both weekday/weekend and consider if the cost savings on a weekday is worth the guests who can’t be there and ending a little earlier in the evening.