Celeste and Therion decided to elope in style and told me all about it…

Elope Mendocino, elope | BrideAccess Elope Mendocino, elope | BrideAccess

I would be flattered if you wanted to blog about our wedding.  It really turned out well and the price was crazy inexpensive.  You can elope and have a beautiful wedding and it doesn’t have to be costly.

We wanted a small, sweet event and we wanted a big party to celebrate the joining of our lives.  When it came time to choose we decided to do both!  How do you like that for decision making?  We were going to invite just a few people to go with us to get married on 10/11/12 and then realized that once you start inviting people, where do you stop?  If even one of my kids come, of course all of our children must be there!  As much as I wanted my parents and friends there, where do you stop inviting?  All of a sudden our little wedding was getting very big.  We decided to do it with just the two of us, we would elope, just us!  We will have a party for the whole family at a later date.

Elope Mendocino, elope | BrideAccess Elope Mendocino, elope | BrideAccess

I bought the dress on Ebay for $125.  It fit perfectly, so I didn’t need any alterations.

Therion’s suit was purchased at Van Huesen and cost around $150 for everything.

Gas was expensive at that time so about $300.


The wedding package through Vanna with Elope Mendocino was at the time:

Basic Simplicity Elopement Package Cost: $950.00 for groups of up to 6 People

·         Officiant & customer vow creation by Vanna Freeberg

·         Up to two full hour of planning and consultation- that was plenty

·         The Bridal bouquet and boutonnier made to my specs and delivered to our wedding by Rosa of LR Farm

·         A small elegant cake from Shani’s Sweet Creations

·       One hour of professional photography by Derek Magdalik of Fotomendo (I payed a little extra for some time to go to the beach) Photo’s were burned to a CD and mailed to me with copyright release

·         Bottle of sparkling wine or cider with two keepsake crystal flutes- at our cottage when we arrived

Wedding License was around $90


We stayed at Agate Cove in the Amber Room for $279 per night, we stayed 3 nights= $837.  A little pricey but worth it for the views, privacy and the special touches.  I got married right outside the Inn on the edge of the ocean.

So essentially we got our wedding and a mini-honeymoon for under $2500.


Elope Mendocino, elope | BrideAccess Elope Mendocino, elope | BrideAccess

Elope Mendocino, elope | BrideAccess Elope Mendocino, elope | BrideAccess

To be honest it felt strange not having any family there, but it was so magical we were swept away with the ocean breeze, the sounds of the sea, the smells of the flowers mixed with the ocean and being with someone that I loved so much.  Our vow ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt, Vanna did a great job.


Elope Mendocino, elope | BrideAccess


As you can see it was absolutely perfect and like a fairytale.  Mendocino is breathtaking with the Redwoods and the ocean.  One of the beaches is called glass beach and it is all sea glass that has come in after years of being polished by the sea.  I stood in glass probably 6 inches deep glistening in the sun. Everything went perfectly!



photographer: Derek Magdalik  Fotomendo

Elope Mendocino

Agate Cove Inn