Sylvie & Eric ~ Pasadena Wedding Teaser

Are. You. Ready???  Sylvie Abadjian Boyajian and her hubby Eric's wedding teaser is here! Their wedding absolutely one of the most beautiful sights to behold! Taking place at the The Langham Huntington, Pasadena and absolutely planned to perfection by Nora of Très Magnifique Productions. I had an absolute amazing time working with these two and doesn't Sylvie look absolutely stunning in [...]

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Meagan & August ~ Salt Lake Temple & Montage Deer Valley Wedding

Meagan + August!!! I seriously love these two! Their wedding....WOW! I was speechless when I arrived at their beautiful mountain side reception at the fabulous Montage Deer Valley Resort! Music, Dancing, Lawn Games....the works! Great working with amazing wedding pros like Sam Abujebarah (you have a cameo bro...a really brief one but your amazing car made it as well!) [...]

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Aleeshia & Clayton ~ Groom’s Head Hit By Drone

The FIRST LOOK video is when they capture on film the first time the groom sees the bride in her wedding dress. Oh you have to watch this whole video becasue at the very end is the viral video where the drone flies into the grooms head. Classic! Pointe Digital 

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Jacyln & Kevin ~ Montage Deer Valley Wedding Highlights

Chris McClain Productions  From Jaclyn... It was such an amazing wedding and an amazing party!! So many amazing people involved! Shout out to all my amazing wedding pros! Wedding Planner: Melissa Hagen 541.556.1106 Florist: Kellie Jackstein 801.913.7444 Photographer: Pepper Nix 801.661.1106 Officiant: Rabbi David: Temple Har Shalom 435­649­2276 x11 Wedding Cake: [...]

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Hunter & Kynlie Wedding Preview

It sure was an amazing day!!! Thanks Chris McClain for all the work you did on this. So stoked to get our wedding videos!  Enjoy!!!  ~ Kynlie   Chris McClain Productions 

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Crazy Wedding Exit ~ Water Guns Anyone?!

I've never seen an exit from a wedding quite like this.....ummm wow!  Why not give your guests white water guns?     Chris McClain Productions 

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Tips To Get The Most From Your Wedding Video

Have you ever watched a wedding or family video, and  key people were missing from the video?   Paper Rock Pictures, has come up with tips to get the most from your wedding video... Paper Rock Pictures 

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Koa & Domi ~ Moab Pre-Wedding First Look

I gotta share this one! ~ Chris   These two get hitched today! Actually, right now!!! So happy for Dominique Forte and Koa! These two are such an amazing duo and honestly, two of the kindest and gracious people! Oh, and how beautiful does Domi look in that dress!!??? If you love Utah and Moab, be sure [...]

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Dom & Brittany ~ Winter Wonderland Teaser Wedding Video

Dom & Brittany ~ Winter Wonderland Teaser Wedding Video by Chris McClain Productions.... Spring Creek Ranch, Wyoming -22 degrees...Coldest wedding I've ever done...Teaser ...brrrrrrr Who has time for things like WPPI Online anyways?? So much to edit!!! Too bad I'm not one of the cool kids! Great working with Michelle Stewart Heaps at this wedding! We survived the cold [...]

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Documenting Once In A Lifetime Events With A Wedding Video

Lance & Jaycie were married in Waterton Park, Alberta Canada. You will love what you see on this wedding teaser... Chris McClain Productions  . Hi there!  My name is Chris McClain and I specialize in documenting once in a lifetime events. Your wedding day is something that will be one of the days in your [...]

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