How To Care For Your Wedding Diamond Ring

Of course one of my favorite things is looking at wedding rings! But, I was wondering how to keep it looking beautiful?   Getting ready for your big day? Don’t forget to make sure you keep your Engagement Ring sparkling for your big event. Handling ~ You should always pick up your engagement ring by their band, [...]

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111 Engagement Rings

If you are still considering what style of wedding ring you like, well look no further! I'll show you tons of designs for engagement rings and bridal sets from Sierra West Jewelers. 111 Engagement Rings and Bridal Sets to be exact!   Do you like silver, pink gold or yellow gold?  The first set is engagement rings, then [...]

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Wedding Ring Trends

       WEDDING RING TRENDS While your wedding dress is bound to attract the most attention on your wedding day, the significance of the perfect wedding ring cannot be understated. You will be wearing your ring for the rest of your life… hopefully, so it should show off your individuality and be timeless at the same time. [...]

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Exceptionally Creative Wedding Ring Pictures

One of my favorite wedding day shots is the picture of the wedding ring. Some photographers are so brilliant! Check out these exceptionally creative wedding ring pictures... I know--- WOW! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Thanks Jeff Kolodny for sharing your amazing [...]

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You Are Like A Diamond

You are like a diamond... At this stressful, but fun time in your life just remember, "A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well."

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How To Choose The Right Diamond Wedding Ring

photo cred: Diamond Manufacturers Everyone wants to know how to choose the right diamond wedding ring. I'm learning more about diamonds and thought I would share the tips... KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!             There are 4 C's in jewelry... CUT: These are some of the most popular shapes/ cuts: ROUND PRINCESS MARQUISE [...]

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4 Surprising Facts About Diamonds

I bet that many of you have a beautiful diamond on your left hand?!  Here are 4 surprising facts about diamonds:  1. A Diamond is a mineral made of carbon. It is the only gem that is made of a single element. All the rest are combinations of 2 or more. Laboratory analysis has shown [...]

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The 12 Most Famous Diamonds

The 12 most famous diamonds... Diamonds are always appreciated for their beauty and rarity and considered as a symbol of wealth and power. The largest and most rare stones have been noted throughout history. Below is detailed information of some of the World’s Most Famous Diamonds of all time… 1. The Cullinan Carat Weight: 3106 [...]

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What Wedding Ring Are You Going To Choose

It's engagement season. What wedding ring are you going to choose? There are many bridal accessory trends to consider for that special proposal / big day, and Ashley Schenkein's White Collection has all bridal bauble bases covered. Schenkein's White Collection marries vintage and modern nuances with stunning designs made from diamonds, precious gemstones, gold, platinum [...]

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Wedding Rings – I Am Your Rock!

Wedding Rings~ I Am Your Rock!   Ahh the ring! For over 30 years, Sierra-West Jewelers has been among the most trusted names in the jewelry business.  Sierra-West Jewelers is committed to make every customer feel welcome with our personalized service and our classic to cutting edge jewelry designs.  We look forward to personally helping you select [...]

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