St. George Utah ~ An Adventurous Honeymoon

I'm lovin' the honeymoon series The Brides' Shop put together and thought I would share! For our Honeymoon series, we are highlighting the finer side of Utah, and why keeping your Honeymoon local is not only an affordable option, but an adventurous one. Now that you are a newly married couple, it is time to [...]

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Park City Utah Is The Perfect Honeymoon

  Planning a Honeymoon? If you're in Utah, you don't have to go very far. With so much to see in this beautiful state, your honeymoon adventure can literally be right around the corner. Park City is the perfect honeymoon. For this honeymoon series, we plan on showing the finer side of Utah and the [...]

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Lake Powell Honeymoon

Are you craving a beach honeymoon?  Look no further than Lake Powell! With over 2,000 miles of shoreline, (more than the entire U.S. west coast!), you are sure to find a private oasis with your loved one. The lake is so huge that there are several marinas surrounding it. I recommend the Wahweap Marina as [...]

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