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Candy Bouquet

My friend brought this candy bouquet to me and I thought it was so creative. Think of all the ideas you can get for a bridal shower, wedding decorations or a thank you gift. If the bride is CANDY CRAZY and has a candy wedding theme - you could make a candy bridal bouquet. Oh-- [...]

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IKEA Tip For Fitting All Your Wedding Presents In The Car

I have been excited to do this blog because I laugh so hard everytime I look at this picture!! Natalie and Trent just got married and with the money they received for their wedding they decided to go to the best store ever-- IKEA. They found furniture, household appliances and decorations.  But how were they going to [...]

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Extraordinary Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors are a great way for you to show your guests a little love and appreciation for their support on your big day. Although they’re supposed to be fun and exciting, they can also be incredibly stressful to figure out. After you’ve organized the dress, food, flowers, reception and everything else, the last thing [...]

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I Do Cookbook

This is one of my favorite gifts I have ever received! I can't imagine how a new bride would love it! This is the "I DO COOKBOOK!" These are pictures of Judy and Celia- the cute sisters that created this amazing cookbook.      . There are 3 things that I absolutely love about this [...]

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