Best Make-up Tips For Brides To Be:

With all the plans for flowers, dresses, and hair, you may be forgetting  important things, like your makeup! If you haven’t figured out your makeup look for the big day, figure out how you want to complement your features and dress.

One important part of being the bride on the big day is a makeup look that lasts, which often comes down oftentimes to a good foundation. You don’t want to look drab, pale, oily, or smudged on your big day. All of these common makeup woes can be easily avoided with the right kind of product and technique for your skin type and for the big day in question!

bridal make up

1. Oiliness

Taking care of your skin before the wedding is often about basics. Get enough sleep and drink plenty of water even through the busyness of preparing for the upcoming nuptials. Oily skin requires extra preparation with products that stay put. If you need less coverage, opt for a powder. If you would like a more even skin tone or have blemishes to conceal, find and oil-free liquid that offers both coverage without the potential mess.


2. Try Contouring

Make your features pop with this new makeup trend. Contouring your makeup foundation makes use of a palette of skin tone based shades that when used in combination and blended accentuates your facial structure.

Your contouring palette should have at least three shades, with one being close to your skin tone, another darker, and the last lighter. There’s no one set way to contour and many makeup artists contour in unique ways. Different patterns may be used to highlight high cheekbones, bring out cheekbones, minimize the jaw and so on.

bridal make up

3.Getting a Glow

Get your skin to express a healthy glow has to do with your products as much as it does your eating habits. Get good fats from salmon and nuts, and incorporate sources of selenium as well, like eggs or tomatoes to help eliminate free radicals. Using a bronzer or highlighter, depending on your preferences and skin tone, can illuminate the cheekbones and forehead.


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4. All-Day Coverage

Problems with overage can happen through extended wear even if your skin is dry. Sweating, crying, and standing beneath lights — all common happenings during a wedding — can cause makeup to run or smudge.


Reduce the possibility of your mascara ending up on your undereye concealer by using skin primer and setting powder. Brush additional powder as needed throughout the day.


Foundation is the base for the rest of your makeup. You are really going to want a makeup look that lasts the whole day of your wedding celebration. Try out some of these tips for putting makeup on your skin and be prepared for the big day!


blog by Gwen Lewis