matt and marcie wedding

Of course you need a marriage license to get married and this is just how you go about that!

Marriage licenses can be obtained at the county offices from the clerk/ auditor of that county.

You both need to be there.    Information you will need to bring with you:


~ A form of I.D. (Drivers License, Military ID, birth certificate, or passport)

~ Full names including the maiden name of the female

~ Provide your social security numbers

~ Date and place of birth (town or city, county, state, country)

~ Permanent addresses

~ Complete names of parents and maiden names of your mother

~ Birthplace of father and mother (state or country)

~ If this is a 2nd, 3rd, etc marriage due to divorce, a date when the divorce  was final must be provided on the application.         If the divorce was  less than 6  months prior, you must provide court documents proving the divorce is final.

~ If a previous marriage ended due to death, the date of a spouses death must be supplied.


The marriage license fee is $50.00. The license will be valid for 30 days and  can be used anywhere in the state of Utahduring that time by someone with the legal right to perform marriage.


**Requirements may vary by county and state**