Since 1998 BrideAccess has been engaged in making the experiences of planning a wedding fun, simple, and memorable for the bride and families. We are focused on delivering a variety of solutions to meet every brides style and interest. Between, our YouTube channel, social media, planning tools, and countless relationships with wedding professionals we are sure to help you plan a wedding that is unique and designed with love by you. Weddings are emotional events; our goal is to help you eliminate the stress and highlight the joy!

Matt & Marcie Lyons: When we were getting married in 2008 we had no idea how to do this planning stuff. Luckily Matt’s friend, Robin, owned BrideAccess and gave us a few hints. They gave us a PINK 3 ring binder with a few tips inside. This was the first version of the Pink Wedding Planner. Marcie put a few of her ideas inside and kept this binder as a memoir. A year after we were married Robin asked Matt if he would like to be a part of the BrideAccess team and Matt couldn’t resist. A year after that Matt asked me if I would like to do the blog- YES! Then I decided to update the Pink Wedding Planner and keep doing so. Now I am getting ready to publish it so you can have it as a handy pocketbook with everything I have learned in this business.

Robin left BrideAccess in 2014 for his dream job working for Channel 4 in SLC, Utah. Matt and I still run this business. Weddings and marriage mean everything to us and we are here to help you along the way so you can have great memories creating your wedding like I did.  xoxo ~ Marcie

matt and marcie lyons