6 Helpful Hints When Ordering Wedding Invitations brought to you by Jaffa Printing:

  • Order early. It is best to order 2-3 months prior to the date of your wedding. This allows plenty of time during the proofing process to make sure your invitation is exactly what you have envisioned. We will do as many proofs as you need to see until you LOVE your invitations!
  • It is a good idea to order 25 extra invitations. It it a lot less expensive to run off a few more rather than having to pay to have your invitations put back on the press at a later date.
  • If you are rushed for time. Ask for your envelopes early. You can begin addressing them while we are in the process of printing your invitations saving you time in the long run.
  • Let us help you with your wording. Invitations should follow certain rules of social etiquette. We have professionals who have been trained to offer suggestions and guide you in the process of wording your invitations properly.
  • When planning a budget for your invitations be sure to think about postage. Keep in mind that square invitations have to be hand cancelled at the post office and will cost more to mail.
  • Are you a bride on a budget? Be sure to check out our brides on a budget section on our website. We  have a large selection of invitations that will work with any budget. If you have something in mind and would like ideas on how to make it more affordable, just ask. We would be happy to make suggestions that will make your dream invitation come to life with any budget.


So I went to Jaffa Printing Company to pick up some printing I had done and look what I found– beautiful wedding invitations! Rob gave me a grand tour of the place. I really love learning about everyone’s business and I realized that day I know nothing about printing! Oh well, that ‘s why I hire a professional to do this!!



Another cute couple with the invitation done in just their style!

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